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DDEC affiliate member Oakey Coal Action Alliance (OCAA) is commencing a landmark Court Case in the fight for food over fossil fuels.  The group, opposed to the massive expansion of the New Acland stage 3 Coal Mine, has officially engaged lawyers from the Environmental Defenders office.  Teaming up with Lock the Gate, and supported by the Darling Downs Environment Council, today OCAA are launching a campaign to fund the Land Court case.

The Oakey Coal Action Alliance (OCAA) is objecting to the 7.5 megaton mega mine which will eat up thousands of acres of farmland and come to within 7000 metres of Oakey Hospital.

“It will also cut deep into underground aquifers. Even the company acknowledges this will affect farm water supplies.” says Frank Ashman, President of Oakey Coal Action Alliance.  “We need to question in Court the ecological, economic, social, and ethical basis for putting a mega mine in one of our few precious food bowls.  For heaven’s sake, they will even be paying royalties to themselves instead of the public purse. They will get the profits, but we will get the problems. We have recently seen how the long suffering taxpayer is left paying and paying to rehabilitate the poison pits exhausted mines have left across Queensland.”

Lock the Gate Alliance is managing a fighting fund to campaign against the Mine. The Darling Downs Environment Council (DDEC) is standing by to help raise funds.

“Every legal case needs money” said Paul King spokesman for DDEC. “The odds are stacked in favour of New Hope, but the Public can help by supporting a choice away from fossil energy and a transition to a renewable and clean future.  All concerned people can help save our precious agricultural lands for future generations and help ensure an increasingly hungry world is fed.”


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