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Member Organisations:


Darling Downs Environment Council represents organisations affiliated to it. Our members organisations have differing environmental objectives and interests. Here are links to each group so that you can get in touch with the group that shares your interests.




Condamine Alliance


Since 2002, we’ve been working with our community to care for our local environment. We are creating opportunities and programs to look after our catchment and protect our places so that people, water, land and wildlife in our region can have a bright future.


We’re making real inroads to the health and protection of our catchment, while performing to world best practice in critical business areas. We’ve earned a reputation amongst government and industry as a high performing regional body. We are credible, reliable and ambitious.


We work with the philosophy that harnessing the high level of skills and passion already in our catchment will achieve the best outcome for everyone. We all have a part to play in protecting our natural assets and making our community a better place. Collaboration and partnerships are at the heart of what we do


Condamine Alliance works with our community to repair and conserve our environment in the Condamine catchment.

Our aim is to protect people, water, land and wildlife for future generations.













Friends of the Escarpment Parks (Toowoomba) Inc. is a non-profit community group interested in the management, maintenance, and development and public use of Toowoomba's bushland escarpment parks. The group works closely with the Parks and Recreation Branch of the Toowoomba Regional Council, assisting with many aspects of the management of these areas as well as promoting public awareness and use of the unique asset to the community which these parks represent. FOE's objectives include:



Email:                Contact via webpage



Friends of Felton 


Friends of FeltonFriends of Felton

Organisation and Membership (Statement from July 2009)

Friends of Felton ‘Friends of Felton Inc’ (FOF) is a legally constituted, self-funded community based organisation formed to oppose coal mining in the Felton Valley. The target of our opposition is the so-called Felton Clean Coal Demonstration Project.


Implicitly, our aim is to protect and preserve the existing relationship between the local community, the prevailing economy and the natural environment. We are motivated by two fundamental beliefs:

First, we do not believe that in this Nation, at this time in history, the revealed preferences of the affected community can be simply ignored in favour of a so-called ‘development’ that threatens to ruin our quality of life and means of livelihood. As the social impact of a coal mine is directly proportional to the number of households and individuals living in close proximity to it, the Felton Valley and surrounding areas (being densely populated) would suffer massive damages as a consequence of the proposed development.

Secondly, we do not believe the prices and safeguards currently imposed on the externalities that the proposed development would generate are sufficient to protect the welfare and best interests of future generations. Thus our concerns are as much for the welfare of future generations as they are for us.

Friends of Felton was formed as an unincorporated community-based organisation in February 2008. The organisation was incorporated in April 2009 and now operates under a formal constitution. FOF has met every two weeks since its formation with an average attendance of 35 people at each meeting. (Since 2014, meetings have been reduced to monthly).






H.O.P.E. - Householders’ Options to Protect the Environment



Householders’ Options to Protect the Environment (HOPE) Inc. is founded on the vision of a society which is sustainable ecologically, economically and socially.

The core idea of HOPE is that, while we have to think about the environment on a planet-wide scale, we need to act in our own communities in a way that’s effective and meaningful. Our slogan is: "Think Globally - Act Locally"


While HOPE endorses individual action, it also encourages people to act together in their local community, and in society as a whole. Whether you live in urban, rural or regional Australia, you too can lessen your impact on the global environment by adopting sustainable living practices at home, at work and at school.

Householder’s Options to Protect the Environment Inc.

PO Box 6118 Clifford Gardens, Toowoomba QLD 4350

(22 Vacy Street, Toowoomba QLD 4350)

Ph:                         07 4639 2135





Hopeland Community Sustainability Group

DDEC has always been concerned by the underground gasification programmes conducted by Linc Energy and others on the Western Downs. There is one group, however, who have taken the fight to the trenches. Over the last years it's members have 

faced a relentless onslaught from an industry that has come to dominate their lives. They have suffered physically, financially, and emotionally, but they have endured! That group is the Hopelands Community Sustainability Group.

Hopelands is an area of the inner Western Downs comprising brigalow, black soil, grazing and cropping lands that are internationally famous. In recent years the area and surrounds also became host to rural residential blocks.

Hopeland was at the centre of the gas 'boom'. Now the people of the region are dealing with the consequences.

 It is hard to imagine the stress of living with gas flares, fugitive emissions, industrial construction, environmental destruction and now reports show that the land people have been living on is literally poisoned. But the Hopeland Community Sustainability Group are not quitters. They have organised symposiums, made submissions, lobbied politicians and organised legal action to reclaim their health and happiness. They are working to preserve farming land and water resources of the very highest order, not just for themselves but for future Queenslanders. DDEC salutes HCSG and is proud to have them aboard. 



Oakey Coal Action Alliance


Oakey Coal Action AllianceOakey Coal Action Alliance

The Oakey Coal Action Alliance Inc (OCAA) is a not-for-profit community group formed in 2011 by concerned community members who care about a sustainable future for our district. We feel strongly that coal mining should not be approved in densely populated and productive agricultural regions such as Acland or surrounding districts. OCAA supports a future DINING boom, the important production and economic growth opportunity of the 21st century.








USQ Environment Society


The USQ Environment Society helps students to be aware of environmental issues and to provide a way for students to be proactive about sustainability.

Campus:             Toowoomba

Club contact:      Rebecca Manners





Wildlife Queensland


Wildlife QLDWildlife QLD

The Toowoomba Branch is a hands-on active branch that is involved in the community and makes a point of working with other local organisations.


The Toowoomba Branch has undergone many changes over the last 15 years and in 2015, is moving forward with a focus on Wildlife & Environmental Education in the local area.


The Toowoomba Branch hosts quarterly meetings with vibrant, informative guest speakers and welcomes all members of the public to attend.  Members receive a quarterly newsletter, and have the opportunity to participate in combined events with like-minded local groups.


Meetings and events are held quarterly at the Amaroo Environmental Centre at Kleinton on Wednesday Nights at 18:30.  Please contact the President for upcoming meeting & event dates or check our Newsletter or Facebook Page.







Southern Downs Protection Group


Southern Downs Protection GroupSouthern Downs Protection Group

The Southern Downs region has mining exploration permits for coal, but currently no coal seam gas permits. For which we are very glad, and we hope it stays that way. Other regions are already impacted by these unsustainable industries, and we are concerned of the possible impacts to our quality agricultural and grazing lands, water resources, biodiversity and community. As these impacts have the potential to affect us all, we feel the need to raise awareness and offer our support to those landholders whose properties are threatened by these leases.

We support the communities near us in their endeavours for fight off mining. And we will continue to inform local residents of the dangers that could impact on us if our luck runs out in the Southern Downs region.





Toowoomba World Environment Day Committee


TWEDC has hosted the United Nations World Environment Day celebrations for nearly 40 years. World Environment Day is held each year around the first Sunday in June.



 Western Downs Alliance

Western Downs AllianceWestern Downs Alliance





WDA inc is dedicated to the protection of southern Queensland from extractive industries such as unconventional gas.

"For the love of Southern Queensland"