Koala TeaTree Tent

May 13, 2021
Author: Penny

DDEC member group the Dancing Bear Cafe has a pop-up tent at the Toowoomba Farmers Markets on the first Saturday of every month hosting a different local environment group each month.

The Koala TeaTree Tent “pops up” at the Toowoomba Farmers Markets on the first Saturday of every month. Run by DDEC member group the Dancing Bear Cafe, the tent hosts a different local environmental group every month and raises money for fodder farms for koalas.

“Fodder Farms” are pruned gums. They are kept at a low height to maximise leaf production which will assist our local carer’s in the future when they need to collect leaves to feed their injured/recovering koalas. Presently, busy carers have to drive quite a distance to obtain food for their patients. We plan to have Our immediate goal four acres under plantation, in four different local locations producing worthwhile quantities of Koala leaf in about three – four years.   Tree plantings for the fodder farms are on pause at the moment, mainly due to the time of year, but all profits from the stall now and into the future will go to funding leaf trees.

The environmental groups hosted by the Koala Tea Tree Tent help are raise awareness around their cause as they  sell koala shaped biscuits, cake tea, and t-shirts. The first tent in March saw members of P.R.O.T.E.C.T bring their resources and enthusiasm to protect the trees within the Toowoomba region. April was the newly formed local Wilderness Society.  In May, the Toowoomba Branch of Renew displayed their electric cars, electric bikes and shared their knowledge on how to live a more sustainable life. On June 5th,  Save Redwood will be at the tent to discuss the impact that the proposed mountain bike tracks will have on the regenerated wildlife habitat at Redwood Park. 

There’s a number of ways you can get involved in supporting the Koala TeaTree Tent. Firstly come to the Toowoomba Farmer’s Markets the first Saturday of the month to buy some biscuits, cake, tea or a t-shirt. If you’d like to volunteer at the stall or if your community group would like to be hosted, we’d love to have you! Email catrina@ddec.org.au and she will connect you with The Dancing Bear cafe.

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