Oakey Coal Action Alliance

A member group of the Darling Downs Environment Council

The Oakey Coal Action Alliance Inc (OCAA) is a not-for-profit community group formed in 2011. Our members come from far and wide; we are regional farmers, graziers, croppers, veterinarians, doctors and community members. We share a common goal- we all agree that any future coal mine expansion at Acland, to Oakey’s north, is totally inappropriate land use on good quality agricultural land close to rural communities like ours.

We are not anti-development, but in fact just the opposite. We know there can be a better future for our district; for good community values again and the prospects of sustainable high value, irrigated agriculture, eco-tourism projects, new retail and residential opportunities.

The vast majority of people (even pollies) admit there are far better places for mining than the heavily settled inner Downs. Oakey needs local farms and businesses, unpolluted air, safe roads and a water supply maintained for future generations.

Contact Person: Paul King
Phone Number: 0455 619 454
Email: ocaacontact@gmail.com
Website: http://ocaa.com.au
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