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DDEC has endorsed a plan to save Redwood Park. Negotiation, persuasion and people power will be harnessed to preserve this long-appreciated local wildlife haven.

The Darling Downs Environment Council (DDEC) has endorsed a plan to help save Redwood Park. Negotiation, persuasion and people power will be harnessed to preserve and maintain this local wildlife haven that has been recognised for 130 years.

90 hectares of rare dry rain forest in Redwood, at Toowoomba’s front door, is threatened by a plan to cut 30km of mountain bike trails through its’ heart. The plan is supported by Toowoomba Regional Council. The forest was originally set aside in 1892 for the purpose of bird observing. Several Toowoomba environment groups and citizens believe these Mountain Bike trails will destroy key ecological values and disturb the nesting sites of many ground dwelling birds and mammals. A petition to Council to protect this ecological jewel was rebuffed.

Local group Friends of the Escarpment Parks have been enhancing Redwood for decades, eliminating weeds, maintaining walking trails, and looking after facilities used by thousands of visitors who walk its’ tails and observe its’ plant and wildlife every year. According to all concerned groups this could come to an end, as mountain bike racing is incompatible with these activities.

“We are also concerned with bushfire control and degradation of the escarpment through erosion and infestation” says Darling Downs Community Organiser Paul King. “If I were living on the edge of the Range I would also be concerned about increased people, activity and traffic during Mountain Bike carnivals

“There are many good reasons not to build these tracks in Redwood, and few to do so, especially when good alternatives are available. We think the loss of income from Eco Tourism will be greater than what Mountain Bikes can bring, but that is not all it is about. It is about Toowoomba’s precious relationship with its endangered ecosystems and the animals and plants they give us. They are not replaceable”

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